Prevention & Education Programs


RTS addresses prevention at several socio-cultural levels; by engaging members of the community in dialogue and activism. RTS hopes to strengthen social norms that reject violence and foster a community that challenges belief systems that condone it.

RTS works in schools and in the community to interrupt the cycle of violence and engage community members in the work of RTS. The goal is to encourage students to become aware of violence they may have experienced and how it has affected their lives. Students can then begin to recover, rather than act out these feelings in destructive behavior. In this way, the program seeks to prevent cycles of violence from repeating.  RTS provides innovative, interactive educational workshops at the middle, high school and college levels and are available to any community group.

Over the past few years, RTS has led prevention and education programs at various school settings in San Mateo County including: Redwood High School, South San Francisco High School, Aragon High School, Sequoia High School, El Camino High School, Oceana High School, Garfield Elementary, Fernando Rivera Middle, and Margaret J. Kemp Camp for Girls. Our goal is to focus on gender roles, assertiveness, healthy and unhealthy relationships, and provide participants with the opportunity to facilitate workshops and plan school-wide events. Additionally, RTS provides workshops to parents and staffs.

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